Gizmo! (1977)

“But they pooh-poohed the idea.” Synopsis: Early 20th century inventors show off their wild and wacky creations in original archival footage. Genres: Documentary Inventors Review: If you’re hoping to see footage of the best unsung inventions of the last century, then this isn’t the movie you’ve been waiting for. If, however, you’re interested in watching […]

Mother, Jugs, and Speed (1976)

“Thanks to muggings, malnutrition and disease, we still have a chance to make a buck!” Synopsis: Two privately owned ambulance companies in Los Angeles compete for clients. Genres: Billy Cosby Films Car Chase Comedy Feminism and Feminist Issues Harvey Keitel Films Raquel Welch Films Rivalry Review: This strangely titled slapstick comedy revolves around an equally […]

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

“Blanche, you aren’t ever going to sell this house — and you aren’t ever going to leave it, either!” Synopsis: Aging former child star “Baby Jane” (Bette Davis) resents having to care for her invalid sister, Blanche (Joan Crawford). When she meets a pianist (Victor Buono) who promises to help her revive her career, she […]

One Million B.C. (1940)

“Pity and compassion played little part in the existence of those people– They despised weakness, worshipped strength!” Synopsis: During the prehistoric era, an outcast member of the brutal Rock Tribe (Victor Mature) falls in love with a woman from the gentler Shell Tribe (Carole Landis). Genres: Carole Landis Films Cross-Cultural Romance Historical Drama Lon Chaney, […]

Down By Law (1986)

“Why do ya always gotta go fuck up your own future, huh?” Synopsis: Three oddball prisoners (Tom Waits, John Lurie, and Roberto Benigni) escape through the Louisiana bayou. Genres: Black Comedy Deep South Escape Framed Misfits Prisoners Review: Jim Jarmusch’s character-driven prison-break film — a follow-up to his groundbreaking debut, Stranger Than Paradise (1984) — […]

Face Behind the Mask, The (1941)

“People who look at me, they see a mask — artificial. But the face behind the mask — it’s mutated, hideous, a horrible nightmare out of which I can never awake!” Synopsis: After his face is badly scarred in a fire, a young immigrant watchmaker (Peter Lorre) resorts to a life of crime in order […]

Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)

“I don’t like men. They smile too much. You see a lot of teeth.” Synopsis: A free-spirited parking lot attendant (Seymour Cassel) falls in love with a beautiful museum curator (Gena Rowlands) who resists his advances. Genres: Cross-Class Romance Gena Rowlands Films John Cassavetes Films Misfits Romantic Comedy Review: Cassavetes’ contribution to the ubiquitous “misfits […]

Old Fashioned Way, The (1934)

“He ain’t gonna let you set foot on that stage — all he wants is your money, Mrs. Pepperday!” Synopsis: The fugitive manager (W.C. Fields) of a struggling theatre troupe deceives a wealthy aspiring singer (Jan Duggan) into believing he will give her a part in his play. Genres: Actors and Actresses Aspiring Stars Comedy […]

House That Screamed, The / La Residencia (1969)

“If they want to escape, they will — this is a boarding school, not a prison!” Synopsis: A mysterious killer threatens teenage girls at an authoritarian boarding school run by Lilli Palmer. Genres: Boarding School Horror Murder Mystery Sexual Repression Serial Killers Response to Peary’s Review: As Peary notes, this “scary gothic horror film” — […]

Killing of Sister George, The (1968)

“Not all women are raving bloody lesbians, you know.” Synopsis: An aging lesbian actress (Beryl Reid) worries that she’s being written out of her television series. Genres: Actors and Actresses Black Comedy Has-Beens Lesbianism Play Adaptations Robert Aldrich Films Susannah York Films Review: Robert Aldrich’s smart, well-acted adaptation of Frank Marcus’s satirical play received a […]