Raising Arizona (1987)

“Biology and the prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless.” Synopsis: When a newly married ex-con (Nicolas Cage) and ex-cop (Holly Hunter) discover that they can’t have or adopt children of their own, they kidnap a baby (T.J. Kuhn) from a local furniture tycoon (Trey Wilson) and his quintuplet-bearing wife (Lynn Dumin Kitei). Genres: […]

Stay Hungry (1976)

“Don’t you think you’re taking this attraction of yours to other types of people too far?” Synopsis: On behalf of a business syndicate, a wealthy southerner (Jeff Bridges) visits a local gym and tries to persuade its owner (R.G. Armstrong) to sell. Meanwhile, he finds himself attracted to a petite gym employee (Sally Field), and […]

Blues Brothers, The (1980)

“I say we give the Blues Brothers one more chance.” Synopsis: While gathering their old band members together for a fundraising concert, ex-con Jake Blues (John Belushi) and his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) must dodge the police, an angry country-and-western band, and Jake’s jilted fiancee (Carrie Fisher). Genres: Comedy Ex-Cons Let’s-Put-On-a-Show! Musicians Response to Peary’s […]

Thief (1981)

“The deal is over. I want my end, and I’m out.” Synopsis: A professional safecracker (James Caan) becomes involved with the Mafia, but soon realizes that his dreams for early retirement with his wife (Tuesday Weld) and child have been put on hold. Genres: Ex-Cons Gangsters and Mafia Heists James Caan Films Revenge Thieves and […]

King of Marvin Gardens, The (1972)

“You notice how it’s Monopoly out there?” Synopsis: A radio d.j. (Jack Nicholson) visits his petty-gangster brother (Bruce Dern) in Atlantic City, where he learns about Dern’s unrealistic plan to “get-rich-quick” by buying property in Hawaii. Genres: Bob Rafelson Films Bruce Dern Films Ellen Burstyn Films Gangsters and Criminals Get Rich Quick Jack Nicholson Films […]

Mouse That Roared, The (1959)

“In other words, gentlemen — in effect — we declare war on Monday, we are defeated by Tuesday, and by Friday we will be rehabilitated beyond our wildest dreams!” Synopsis: The prime minister (Peter Sellers) of the smallest nation on Earth (ruled by the Grand Duchess Gloriana, also Sellers) decides to invade the United States […]

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

“I’ve lived in this city all my life, but somehow today I felt everything had changed — people were different.” Synopsis: As alien pods descend on San Francisco and begin replacing humans with clones devoid of emotion, health inspector Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland), his co-worker (Brooke Adams), and their married friends (Jeff Goldblum and Veronica […]

Madame X (1966)

“I am not alive; I only exist.” Synopsis: The lower-class wife (Lana Turner) of a wealthy socialite (John Forsythe) is caught in a compromising situation with a male companion (Ricardo Montalban), and forced by her brutal mother-in-law (Constance Bennett) to “die” and live under an assumed name in Europe. Out of guilt and loyalty, she […]

Bad News Bears, The (1976)

“All we got is a cruddy alky for a manager!” Synopsis: Former minor-league pitcher Morris Buttermaker (Walter Matthau) becomes the reluctant coach for a team of Little League misfits — including the 12-year-old daughter (Tatum O’Neal) of his ex-girlfriend. Genres: Baseball Comedy Has-Beens Misfits Sports Walter Matthau Films Review: Walther Matthau is at his surly […]

1984 (1956)

“They’re afraid of love, because love makes a world they can’t control– And it’s a world worth taking risks for, isn’t it?” Synopsis: In a totalitarian future, government employee Winston Smith (Edmond O’Brien) challenges “Big Brother” by taking on a secret lover (Jan Sterling). Genres: Donald Pleasence Films Dystopia Edmond O’Brien Films Jan Sterling Films […]