Alex in Wonderland (1970)

“Is there a movie in it?” Synopsis: A hot new director (Donald Sutherland) struggles to find material for his second film. Genres: Donald Sutherland Films Ellen Burstyn Films Hollywood Mid-Life Crisis Movie Directors Paul Mazursky Films Review: Paul Mazursky’s second movie — like his later Willie and Phil (1980) — is a shameless homage to […]

Wildrose (1984)

“A woman has to listen to her own voice.” Synopsis: A female miner (Lisa Eichhorn) deals with chauvinism and lay-offs while falling tentatively in love with her co-worker (Tom Bower). Genres: Feminism and Women’s Issues Mining Towns Romance Unemployment Workplace Drama Review: Writer/director John Hanson’s independent film about life in a northern mining town is […]

Willie and Phil (1980)

“A woman is not allowed to come between two men who are friends. It’s not allowed! It’s illegal!” Synopsis: In the 1970s, two friends (Michael Ontkean and Ray Sharkey) fall in love with the same woman (Margot Kidder) while exploring alternate lifestyles. Genres: Friendship Love Triangle Margot Kidder Films Paul Mazursky Films Romantic Comedy Review: […]

Cry of the City (1948)

“Look at him, Tony: his leg shot full of holes, fever going up, no place to go, no place to sleep — just run, run, run till he can’t run anymore.” Synopsis: A wounded cop-killer (Richard Conte) escapes from a prison hospital in order to protect his innocent girlfriend (Debra Paget) from an unscrupulous lawyer […]

Cool and the Crazy, The (1958)

“You know what this is, Amy? This is dope! This is the stick! This is marijuana! And this is what killed Cookie!” Synopsis: A teenage pusher (Scott Marlowe) straight out of reform school gets his friends hooked on marijuana, with disastrous results. Genres: Drug Dealers Juvenile Delinquents Social Drama Teenagers Review: This laughable juvenile delinquent […]

Kirlian Witness, The (1979)

“My plants sense that he is a bad person!” Synopsis: A photographer (Nancy Snyder) investigates the mysterious death of her plant-loving sister (Nancy Boykin). Genres: Amateur Sleuths Killer Plants Lawrence Tierney Films Murder Mystery Photographers Supernatural Powers Review: In 1968, Clyde Baxter published an article called “Evidence of a Primary Perception in Plant Life”, claiming […]

World, the Flesh, and the Devil, The (1959)

“You’re all that’s left for either one of us; you have to decide between us.” Synopsis: An African-American (Harry Belafonte) and a white man (Mel Ferrer) vie for the affections of a young woman (Ingrid Stevens) in post-apocalyptic New York. Genres: Love Triangle Nuclear Holocaust Post-Apocalypse Race Relations Science Fiction Survival Review: This unusual post-apocalyptic […]

Pickup (1951)

“She has a good husband, a nice home, a car, no worries about tomorrow — what else does she want?” Synopsis: A sexy gold digger (Beverly Michaels) marries a naive widower (Hugo Haas) for his pension money. Genres: Cuckolds Deafness Femmes Fatales Gold Diggers Hugo Haas Films Love Triangle Review: In his first independently produced […]

Zoo in Budapest (1933)

“What’s going on here at the zoo tonight? Everybody seems to be looking for somebody!” Synopsis: Animal-loving Zani (Gene Raymond) convinces 18-year-old Eve (Loretta Young) to run away from her orphanage and live with him at the zoo. Meanwhile, he’s wanted by the police for stealing a wealthy patron’s fox stole, and a young boy […]

Lizzie (1957)

“Sometimes at night I can’t sleep. I get up and I go to the mirror, and I stare at myself. Something strange seems to happen — it’s as though somebody else is staring back at me.” Synopsis: A museum employee (Eleanor Parker) suffering from recurring headaches is hypnotized by a psychologist (Richard Boone), who discovers […]