Night Caller From Outer Space (1965)

“You’re not just up against a criminal mind; we’re fighting an alien civilization, one at least a hundred — or maybe a thousand — years in advance of ours!” Synopsis: An alien (Robert Crewdson) places an ad in Bikini Girl magazine in order to lure British girls back to his planet. Meanwhile, scientists Jack Costain […]

Muddy River (1981)

“There must be lots of people out there who wish now that they’d died in the war.” Synopsis: In post-WWII Osaka, a young boy (Nobutaka Asahara) befriends the son (Minoru Sakurai) of a riverside prostitute (Mariko Kaga). Genres: Childhood Class Relations Coming-of-Age Friendship Japanese Films Prostitutes Review: Kohei Oguri’s little-seen debut film (currently unavailable to […]

Sherman’s March (1986)

“It seems I’m filming my life in order to have a life to film.” Synopsis: A documentarian (Ross McElwee) aiming to chronicle the lingering effects of General Sherman’s march on the South instead finds himself filming the various women he gets involved with. Genres: Deep South Documentary Looking for Mr./Ms. Right Road Trip Review: Given […]

High School (1968)

“The world will recognize you only by your performance.” Synopsis: Frederick Wiseman documents life in a Philadelphia high school, circa 1968. Genres: Documentary High School Review: Frederick Wiseman remains one of America’s most provocative yet least seen documentarians. Like his contemporary, Emile de Antonio, Wiseman eschews voice overs, instead relying on judicious editing and extreme […]

Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973)

“I want to fly where no seagull has flown before. I want to know what there is to know about life!” Synopsis: An adventurous seagull is banished from his flock, but returns to dispense newfound philosophical wisdom. Genres: Folk Heroes Literature Adaptations Mentors Misfits Talking Animals Review: This live-action film version of Richard Bach’s bestselling […]

Explosive Generation, The (1961)

“I asked if it was wrong for a girl to prove to a boy exactly how much she loved him.” Synopsis: When a high school teacher (William Shatner) allows his class to talk openly about sex, his job is jeopardized; but his well-meaning students refuse to let him to be punished for something they initiated… […]

Caught (1949)

“You don’t want me — not really; you just want me to want you!” Synopsis: Cynical, controlling millionaire Smith Ohlrig (Robert Ryan) marries a poor model (Barbara Bel Geddes) to spite his psychoanalyst. When Leonora (Bel Geddes) realizes her marriage is a sham, she leaves to go work for a doctor (James Mason), but Ohlrig […]

Anniversary, The (1968)

“You’ve gone too far this time, mum!” Synopsis: A vicious and controlling mother (Bette Davis) gathers her three grown sons and their mates to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Genres: Bette Davis Black Comedy Evil Mothers Family Problems Grown Children Roy Ward Baker Films Review: 60-year-old Bette Davis is in rare form here as the hideous […]

Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, The (1938)

“I know precisely what I’m doing: valuable research work, in a rather unusual form!” Synopsis: A doctor (Edward G. Robinson) interested in studying the physiology of criminals gets involved in a heist ring led by high-level fence Jo Keller (Claire Trevor). Genres: Anatole Litvak Films Character Studies Claire Trevor Films Comedy Edward G. Robinson Films […]

Strait-Jacket (1964)

“Lucy Harbin took an axe, gave her husband forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave his girlfriend forty-one!” Synopsis: Lucy Harbin (Joan Crawford) has spent twenty years in an insane asylum for murdering her husband (Lee Majors) and his girlfriend (Patricia Crest) in a fit of jealous rage. When she returns […]