Losers, The (1970)

“I didn’t know you were going to show up looking like a bunch of freaks.” Synopsis: During the Vietnam War, a major (Dan Kemp) convinces a group of Hell’s Angels bikers (William Smith, Paul Koslo, Adam Roarke, Houston Savage, and Eugene Cornelius) to rescue a CIA operative (Jack Starrett) by riding their motorcycles through the […]

Watch on the Rhine (1943)

“I do what must be done. That is what I know how to do.” Synopsis: During World War II, a German-born engineer and resistance fighter (Paul Lukas) travels to America with his wife (Bette Davis) and three kids (Donald Buka, Janis Wilson, and Eric Roberts) to live in the home of his widowed mother-in-law (Lucile […]

Jezebel (1938)

“Marriage, is it? To that washed out little Yankee? Pres is mine — he’s always been mine!” Synopsis: A headstrong Southern belle (Bette Davis) jeopardizes her engagement to a conservative banker (Henry Fonda) by scandalously wearing a red dress to a ball, then experiences extreme jealousy when he marries a woman (Margaret Lindsay) from up […]

Wee Willie Winkie (1937)

“Fear God, honor the queen, shoot straight, and keep clean!” Synopsis: A young girl (Shirley Temple) and her widowed mother (June Lang) go to British-controlled India in the early 1900s to live with Lang’s crusty father-in-law, Colonel Williams (C. Aubrey Smith), at a military outpost. Once there, Temple befriends both a kilt-wearing sergeant (Victor McLaglen) […]

Goldfinger (1964)

“No, Mr. Bond — I expect you to die!” Synopsis: British special agent James Bond (Sean Connery) battles against a megalomaniac millionaire named Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) who receives assistance from a Korean henchman named Odd Job (Harold Sakata) and a judo-fighting pilot named Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) as he plans to radiate all the gold […]

From Russia With Love (1963)

“Training is useful, but there is no substitute for experience.” Synopsis: Secret agent James Bond (Sean Connery) is sent to retrieve a decoding box known as the Lektor from a beautiful Russian (Daniela Bianchi), not knowing he’s being stalked by a psychopathic British traitor (Robert Shaw). Genres: Cold War James Bond Literature Adaptation Sean Connery […]

Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1938)

“It’s injustice I hate, not the Normans.” Synopsis: In 12th century England, a knight (Errol Flynn) who has remained loyal to kidnapped King Richard the Lion Hearted (Ian Hunter) receives help from his merry men and his new sweetheart (Olivia de Havilland) in subverting plans by Prince John (Claude Rains) and his evil henchmen — […]

San Francisco (1936)

“How does it feel to feel like a woman and be afraid of it?” Synopsis: Shortly before the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, a tough saloon owner (Clark Gable) falls in love with a talented singer (Jeanette MacDonald) who is simultaneously wooed by an opera impresario (Jack Holt). Genres: Career-Versus-Marriage Clark Gable Films Disaster Flicks […]

Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982)

“Is there anybody out there?” Synopsis: An alienated rock star (Bob Geldof) descends into madness and toxic grandiosity while reflecting on his fatherless childhood and faithless marriage. Genres: Alan Parker Films Mental Breakdown Musicals Rock ‘n Roll Review: Peary argues that this “midnight cult hit” — “director Alan Parker’s visual interpretation of the rock opera […]

Beauty and the Beast (1946)

“I disgust you. You find me repulsive.” Synopsis: When a man (Marcel Andre) is sentenced to death by a beast (Jean Marais) after plucking a rose in his garden, his loyal daughter (Josette Day) — who has refused to marry a local suitor (also Jean Marais) — agrees to go and live with the beast […]