Private Parts (1972)

“Look at me — I’m going to pieces! I can’t even work anymore.” Synopsis: After being thrown out of her apartment for spying on her roommate (Ann Gibbs), an intrepid young woman (Ayn Ruymen) goes to live in her aunt’s (Lucille Benson) rundown hotel in L.A., where a creepy photographer (John Ventantonio) spies on her. […]

Flashdance (1983)

“You go out there and the music starts, and you begin to feel it, and your body just starts to move.” Synopsis: A welder and club dancer (Jennifer Beals) hoping to audition for the Pittsburgh Ballet Company dates her boss (Michael Nouri) while supporting her friends in their dreams of professional ice skating (Sunny Johnson) […]

Love Story (1970)

“You’re a preppy millionaire, and I’m a social zero.” Synopsis: A music student at Radcliffe (Ali MacGraw) falls for a preppy Harvard law student (Ryan O’Neal) whose wealthy father (Ray Milland) disapproves of their marriage and cuts off O’Neal’s inheritance. The beautiful newlyweds live a poor but happy life — until devastating news about MacGraw’s […]

Thief of Bagdad, The (1940)

“You’re a clever little man, little master of the universe — but mortals are weak and frail.” Synopsis: When a kind-hearted prince (John Justin) is betrayed by his grand vizier (Conrad Veidt), he befriends a young thief (Sabu) who helps him survive on the streets of Bagdad. Justin quickly falls in love with the beautiful […]

Peeping Tom (1960)

“Whatever I photograph, I always lose.” Synopsis: A deeply disturbed sociopath (Karlheinz Boehm) who kills women in order to film the look of fear on their face as they see themselves dying shares cinematic footage of his abusive childhood with a kind tenant (Anne Massey) whose blind mother (Maxine Audley) senses that Boehm is dangerous. […]

Party, The (1968)

“The picture was going fine until some idiot blew up the set.” Synopsis: A bumbling, socially awkward Indian actor (Peter Sellers) accidentally invited to a Hollywood party causes increasing havoc — with support from a drunk butler (Steve Franken) — while developing a romantic friendship with an aspiring French musician (Claudine Longet) . Genres: Actors […]

Man With the Golden Arm, The (1955)

“The monkey is never dead, Dealer. The monkey never dies.” Synopsis: A drug-addicted ex-con (Frank Sinatra) returns to his neighborhood hoping to start a new life as a drummer, but is challenged by both his neurotically clingy wheelchair-bound wife (Eleanor Parker) and his former dealer (Darren McGavin), who’s eager to get him hooked again. Will […]

Three Comrades (1938)

“The war did such different things to people.” Synopsis: After World War I ends in Germany, three soldiers — Erich (Robert Taylor), Otto (Francot Tone), and Gottfried (Robert Young) — start a taxi and auto repair business and meet a young woman (Margaret Sullavan) in remission from TB. When Erich falls in love with Sullavan, […]

Wild One, The (1953)

“What are they tryin’ to prove, anyway?” Synopsis: When a motorcycle gang led by a rebel named Johnny (Marlon Brando) wreaks havoc on a small town by disrespecting citizens and engaging in a fight with a drunk rival (Lee Marvin), the meek local police chief (Robert Keith) is quickly overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Brando falls for Keith’s […]

Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill! (1965)

“You look to me like a gal with a big appetite for everything.” Synopsis: When three go-go dancers — Varla (Tura Satana), Rosie (Haji), and Billie (Lori Williams) — go drag racing in the desert, Varla ends up killing the boyfriend (Ray Barlow) of a bikini-clad girl (Susan Bernard) who the group then kidnaps. They […]