Maniac (1934)

“Doctors and scientists often have some queer things on their mind.” Synopsis: Mad Dr. Meierschultz (Horace Carpenter) enlists the help of his assistant, an ex-vaudevillian (Bill Woods), in stealing corpses to bring back to life. After killing Woods in self-defense, Carpenter assumes his identity and continues his work, going mad himself in the process. Genres: […]

Clockwork Orange, A (1971)

“If you need Pretty Polly — you take it.” Synopsis: In a dystopian British future, an ultra-violent thug (Malcolm McDowell) who has committed a series of heinous crimes with his “droogs” (James Marcus, Michael Tarn, and Warren Clarke) is arrested and sent to prison, where he undergoes a new conversion therapy known as the “Ludovico […]

Face in the Crowd, A (1957)

“This whole country’s just like my flock of sheep!” Synopsis: A radio producer (Patricia Neal) discovers a charismatic drifter (Andy Griffith) in Arkansas who is soon tapped to star in his own television show as “Lonesome Rhodes”, and becomes a folksy cult favorite with “the common people”. Griffith and Neal fall in love, but their […]

Fritz the Cat (1972)

“All the stuff to see — and all the kicks, and all the girls — are out there!” Synopsis: A swinging hep-cat (Skip Hinnant) beds chicks while seeking the meaning of life through drugs, a road trip, and violent revolutionary action. Genres: Animated Features Counterculture Revolutionaries Road Trip Response to Peary‚Äôs Review: Peary notes that […]

Harlan County U.S.A. (1976)

“When I watched him die and suffer like he did with that black lung disease, I knew that something could be done about it. I told myself then, if I ever get the opportunity to get those coal operators, I will.” Synopsis: A group of poverty-stricken Kentucky coal miners seeking representation by the United Mine […]

Dr. Cyclops (1940)

“Now I can control life — absolutely!” Synopsis: A doctor (Albert Dekker) with failing eyesight invites three scientists (Thomas Coley, Janice Logan, and Charles Halton) to his laboratory deep in the South American jungles, hoping to seek their input on his work with radium. Soon the scientists, a muledriver (Victor Kilian), and Dekker’s assistant (Frank […]

Destry Rides Again (1939)

“Every time I mention his name, it’s sort of like I’m talking about a ghost.” Synopsis: The son (Jimmy Stewart) of a famed sheriff is hired to work with the newly appointed sheriff (Charles Winninger) in a lawless town run by a murderous bully (Brian Donlevy), his two henchmen (Allen Jenkins and Warren Hymer), and […]

Born Yesterday (1950)

“A world full of ignorant people is too dangerous to live in.” Synopsis: An abusive, controlling businessman (Broderick Crawford) hoping to impress a congressman (Larry Oliver) in D.C. hires a reporter (William Holden) to give private tutoring lessons to his not-too-bright fiancee (Judy Holliday), hoping she’ll learn how to act appropriately in a political climate. […]

Halloween (1978)

“Death has come to your little town, sheriff.” Synopsis: A psychiatrist (Donald Pleasence) is deeply disturbed to learn that his “evil” patient (Tony Moran) has escaped from an asylum and returned to his home town, where he killed his sister (Sandy Johnson) 15 years earlier as a six-year-old (Will Sandin). On Halloween, masked Moran quickly […]

Suspiria (1977)

“It all seems so absurd… So fantastic!” Synopsis: An American ballerina (Jessica Harper) arrives at an elite European boarding school and is unnerved to learn that one of her classmates (Eva Axen) has just been killed. Harper’s roommate (Stefania Casini) suspects that the headmistress (Joan Bennett) and her lead instructor (Alida Valli) are involved in […]